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♥ ♥ You will never be forgotten son, because it's impossible to forget someone that gave you so many wonderful things to remember. ♥ ♥









**The candle section of this site will no longer be active. We no longer see a need for this section of Erik's site, as we hold our memories and sentiments for him in our hearts. We want to thank everyone who lit candles for him over the years, we have printed them all off so we will always have them to look back on. The rest of Erik's website will remain active as we want it to be a teaching tool and a place for people to come and remember him.**

~~This memorial website was created in the memory of Erik Anderson, who was born in Minnesota on May 9, 1988 and was killed in a car accident on February 16, 2005 due to someone else's reckless driving. Erik was 16. This website is a place for his friends and family to come and remember Erik, and celebrate his life! It is also a place we hope can teach others what can happen when you are careless on the roadways. Erik will forever be missed, but never forgotten.~~





Parents will have always great things to say about their own child, but when it came to Erik, everyone had great things to say about him.  Erik was a wonderful child to raise. He was kind, had a great personality and he was very talented. He respected everyone around him and picked his friends with great care. Erik didn't care about being the big jock in school, or trying to impress people. He was himself, you took him as is or you didn't hang out with him. The thing is, everyone did. He managed to make tons of friends just being himself. He had a serious side, but also a very goofy side, like his mom. He took great pride in the things he had, and was not afraid of good old hard work.



From the time Erik was very young it was apparent he had a great gift for carpentry. Whether it was lego's, Knex's, toothpicks, or popsicle sticks, he could build great buildings, houses, or whatever his mind could come up with. He had a architecture program on the computer and built his dream home countless times. He was in his glory when he was building. If he was asked to go on a trip to Disneyworld, or help build a house, he would pick the house! When it came to his career he also didn't care if he was a doctor, or lawyer etc... He wanted to build houses, and all that mattered to him is he did what he loved. He would have been great at it, I have no doubt. It saddens me I will never see his work. Erik also had a great love of music, I guess you could call it a family history. Music was all around him growing up. In high school, his Ipod, pep band, and his saxophone were a huge part of his life. Some of his happiest memories and best times, were during Pep Band, with his friends, and his band director that ended up becoming a very important person in Erik's life.




  The day Erik was taken from us is a day I will never be able to explain to anyone. It's not something you can prepare for, and it's not something your heart will ever mend from. We have accepted what has happened, and are able to move forward with smiles more than tears now, as we remember what a great kid he was. However, that will never fill the permanent void our hearts will always have. I'm so grateful to have had Erik for 16 years, and have tons of wonderful memories. It's not up to me to understand at this point why this happened, I have to trust in god there are reasons I will understand someday. There is no way I can sum up Erik's life in words, but hopefully this site will give you a look into the great life he had and the wonderful time he had living it! We love you Erik, and miss you beyond words and someday we will see one another again. 

Love you always....








~Here are some of the things Erik loved~





~~We also can't forget his video games & letter jacket~~




Links & Videos

MN Department of Public Saftey/MN Crash Victims Memorial
Erik's story is featured on this site.



 On MFSD site, click on "Teens/Parents" then "Teen Stories" to find Erik's



    Erik's favorite place to visit. Duluth, MN



                                                             Erik's memorial site is featured on here.





"The Simpsons and South Park"



Erik's other family members. Laughing lol







Christmas Shoe Boxes

 ~Operation Christmas Child~



Erik's favorite time of year was Christmas, he loved everything about it. When Erik died, I wanted to find something to do in his memory that would make a difference and was something Erik would have been passionate about. It took me a few years to figure it out, but when I heard about Operation Christmas Child, I knew it was exactly what I wanted to do! Fill a simple shoe box with small items for a boy or a girl, and brighten a child's Christmas who would otherwise go without. At the same time your teaching them about the true meaning of Christmas, the birth of Jesus Christ. It's a year round project, looking for small toys, trinkets, and collecting items to fill up the shoe boxes with, and then off they go in November. It is SO gratifying! In each box we send a small printed card about Erik and us, and we hope someday to get a letter back! If you want to know more about this program, follow the link provided below and be prepared to have your heart strings tugged at with the images of these adorable children being given the gift of Christmas, literally.


With each shoe box, you are asked to pay $7 in shipping if you can. If you prepay on line, your shoe boxes will be tracked and you will be notified as to where they ended up. It was so exciting to find out where they went!

Here is our tracking results thus far:






When viewing the slidehow. Hold your cursor over the picture in the slideshow window to view captions.


Quick Gallery
Erik, 3 weeks old. So little. Mr. fashion. It lead to jeans & t-shirts in his later years. LOL Mom feeding Erik. We were both young, but we were going to be just fine! Erik & Grandpa Paumen My little indian! LOL He loved his bath time! Erik with Grandpa & Grandma Anderson A Tide box for Halloween! All who knew Erik, realize what a thrill that was for him!! Erik spending time with his Dad. Notice the "Bartman" shirt. :) Love, this picture. He loved his Big Bird. Happy boy! Being goofy! Erik bugging his cousin Cody. lol Through the screen of the camper. He was supposed to be sleeping! I love this picture. Erik and his cousin Daniel.