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Life story
May 9, 1988

Erik was born on May 9th, 1988 at North Memorial Hospital, in Robbinsdale, MN. He was 7 pounds, 11 ounces. He had very little hair on his head and was very healthy! Erik Scott was the name we had picked out for a boy, or Ashley Marie if the baby was a girl. We all know how that turned out! I just remember him being so so little. Erik lived the first 6 months of his life in Plymouth, MN, the next year in Spring Park, MN and the next 14 years in Delano, MN. We moved into our current home in 1995 in Delano, no more apartment life and for us that was a big deal! To Erik, our little house was the best thing since sliced bread, and he was so proud of it! For the first 13 years of his life, I did in home daycare, so I was able to be home with him which was very important to me! After that I was employed by the school district, so still was home when he got home and off when he had off. I feel it played a big role in why he was the kind of kid he was.Smile




He is 3 weeks old here. For many more pictures of Erik's life go to the gallery tab on his site. 




May 9, 1989

From the time of Erik's birth, to the time of his death, he lived life to the fullest. Erik lived and appreciated life more than most of us ever will in our lifetime. He was kind, respectful, talented and most of all happy. He did a lot of things in his short 16 years, and had a great time doing it. He had a smile that lit up a room, and you rarely saw him without it across his face. He handled his life with a laid back attitude and cherished his friends and those whom he loved. He was the kind of child that made his parents proud and not because they are being bias, because he really was that great of a kid. He fit in wherever he went, because he wasn't afraid to be himself, and people respected that about him. As his mom, and as close as we were, I knew all sides of Erik, my favorite being his goofy side. He had this shy, tender side when he was shown affection, he wanted to pretend he was too cool for hugs, but really he wanted them. LOL He had a great talent for carprentry, loved music, and enjoyed growing up doing simple things like flashlight tag, water fights and boardgames. His passion was band, he played the Saxaphone,  and was also a member of the Pep Band, which he LOVED! He was also very proud of his school and proud to represent it! He loved the times spent with his family & friends, and was very loved by all of them! There are not enough words to explain who Erik was, or to tell his life story. Just know you were truly lucky to have known him, and even now that he has passed, he can still touch you with the story of his life, and teach you a thing or two about your own. He just has that way about him. The part of Erik's life story that warms my heart, is he had a wonderful happy childhood, rarely a care in the world, and grew up knowing what love & happiness felt like! That is one thing Erik knew for sure, that he had many people who loved him! We love you always Erik!



Erik the way most of us remember him. Letter jacket on, sunglasses, baseball cap and smile across his face. Most of all, having fun, and being goofy with his friends! This picture is of Erik & his friend Aaron on the Chicago band trip, they are on top of the Sears Tower and obviously being hams for the camera. Wink 



If you want to learn more about Erik and his life, please visit the main page of this website. It is impossible to sum up someone's life in just words, but just looking over his site, I think you will find a kid who was loved by many, a great friend, and a very respected member of his community. Thank you.





February 16, 2005

We tragically lost Erik on February 16th, 2005. He was a passenger in a car with a friend, coming back from a Vo-Tech class, heading back to school. The driver was speeding passing other classmates and lost control of the car. Eriks side of the car, as you can see, was battered and crushed like a tin can. The drivers side was almost untouched. From the time of the accident to Erik being air lifted, he clung onto life for close to 1 hour. Upon arrival at North Memorial Hospital, in Robbinsdale, MN he went into cardiac arrest and they could not bring him back. Erik was pronounced dead at 10:41. He would have had little chance even if he could have hung on. He had many internal injuries due to blunt force trauma. My son, who barely had a scratch growing up, ended up with more injuries than his body could handle.


The picture below shows, that innocent fun can end tragically. I post this picture along with others like it in his picture gallery on this site to bring awareness to speeding and reckless driving. Parents always make sure they are aware if their kids are driving safe, but you also need to know the driving habits of their friends. The condition of the car, is unreal, and is where my son spent the last mintues of his life. The driver, walked away with a small scratch on his face.



February 20, 2005

Erik's funeral was held on February 20th, 2005. It was a funeral like no other! It was held at the school auditorium due to the attendance expected to be large. The high school band which Erik belonged too performed on stage, with Erik's casket sitting down in front of them. As Pastor Pete said, it was the most rocking, celebration for a funeral he had ever witnessed. It was what Erik would have wanted, and what he deserved. All Erik's Aunties spoke, his friend Evan, his band director & the principle. During the funeral, the principle presented me with a ribbon tied box filled with letters to us from the kids. It was overwhelming. I will cherish them forever! To sit there and see a full band on stage, playing at my sons funeral was like nothing else. How many people will be able to say there funeral was a celebration and an honor like that? It was beautiful. I will never forget as the kids walked Erik's casket out of the school. Each side of the sidewalk was lined with kids and Erik was walked down between them. It was silent, but a tribute like no other. Erik went out in style like he would have wanted with a motorcycle escort as it snowed! We will never be able to thank all who came and all who helped make it such a wonderful celebration of his life. We will also never be able to thank everyone enough for all their support, gifts, and concern showed towards us throughout this very difficult time. We may have only had him for 16 years, but what a wonderful journey it was. You will never be forgotten Erik.