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Mandy, Eriks Mom Mothers Day

Hey Erik,


You always did such a great job at making Mothers Day great for me. Even if you didn't have a lot of money. You would make me something really cool, or buy some little thing for me. Now Dale & your friends do their best to make the day special for me and make new memories. Brittany sent me a card, and the boys, Dan, Evan & Peter gave me flowers. Dale got me my cool pink fishing pole I wanted for a long time. It lights up when you turn the reel. LOL What can I say, Shirley got one, and I had to have one, so Dale found one and got it for me all the way from Florida! :) Dale also got me flowers. Your Auntie Lisa calls too, she is always good about that kinda stuff. I'm posting pictures so everyone can see how wonderful the people in my life are. They don't have to get me anything, just knowing they care is enough. They make a really hard part of my life, a little easier.

Auntie Lisa
Erik, I don't know why I was thinking about this today since it's no where near your Mom's birthday, but I was thinking about one time when you and your Mom were alone. I had a birthday party for your Mom at my house. Some time before the party, I took you to the store so you could pick out a present and a cake for your Mom. I can't remember what you got for a present, but I remember telling you to pick out something you thought your Mom would like, so for the cake, you picked out a sheet cake covered in cars and trucks. LOL!! I wish I knew what you were thinking. I mean, were you thinking she would really just love that cars and trucks cake because you liked it so you thought everyone else would want that kind of cake or were you thinking she would like the cake and you could have the cars. ROFLMBO! Either way, it was so sweet that you picked that one.
Dale Eriks step father

Erik the other day I sat upstairs in the man room which use to be your room, and thought about you and I playing football on the play station I won a couple but when I lost to you I had a two year old fit (LOL).  I plan on playing at least one football game in your honor today, God I wish you were still here, there was so much more I wish we could have done together, but God had blessed us with the time we had together and for that I am thankful for.We always have to remember down here on earth even if only for a short time or a long time you are with someone, that they are true blessings


So with that I thank God for our time.

Love Dale 

Dale, Eriks step father
Erik as another hunting season has just ended and a new season to come I sit back and think of the one hunting season we spent together over at my friends farm. You did not want to go to on a long trip for deer hunting we hunted close to home. I put you in a spot I would hope a deer would come off the field to you in the morning and it worked you seen one deer but you did not get a shot, I so wanted you to get a deer. You went home that morning and told your mom that you thought I was mad at you because you did not shoot, but that was not it I just really wanted you to shoot a deer. The next time we went out was after work on the last night that you could get out, it was a beautiful night but we did not even see a deer, as we walked out that last night the sun was setting and we were walking back to the truck I put my hand on your shoulder and said we will get you one next year the setting was unforgettable it was defiantly Gods love shining down on us. thanks for the time we had, God bless you.
Mandy, Eriks Mom.

With Valentines Day approaching, it reminded me of how cute you were a few days before the accident, when you went to buy your girlfriend Kallie her gift. You talked to me and Evan about what would be the best way to give her flowers. Just give them to her, or have them sent to her in school. I told you that girls love getting that kind of thing in front of other people, it makes them feel special so send them to school. You went down to the floral shop, and came back totally shocked at how much flowers were. LOL It was fo funny, you just couldn't believe it. It took all your money! You really liked her, so it was OK.

I talked to Kallie just the other day for quite a while. She is still as sweet as ever and she misses you Erik. Kallie will always hold a special place in my heart too. She is a doll.


Mandy, Eriks Mom

Sleigh Ride...

I'm so happy to have found this MP3 of "Sleigh Ride" that is playing on Erik's site. It sounds the most like his band concerts. The band played it every year and they were great at it. It was the favorite of all the kids! They loved the end, when they rocked out and totally got into it. I can almost see Erik and all his buddies up on the stage, playing their hearts out, or laughing and smiling at one another, because one of them screwed up. LOL Anyone who attended one of Erik's Christmas band concerts will surely remember when they played this song. It brings tears to my eyes somedays, because it brings back tons of memories. Only good ones of course. I swear if I close my eyes i'm sitting right there in the front of the stage at one of his concerts. I wish....

Never forgetting all the wonderful memories Erik,


Mandy-Eriks Mom

If you have ever looked for memorial ornaments, you will soon realize there are very few, and the same ones seem to keep popping up. On a recent trip to Litchfield, Dale & came across this ornament. It was the only one, and it was the perfect thing to hang on our tree for Erik. His love for carpentry was such a big part of who he was. This little pewter ornament says so much. :) We love you Erik. You will live on forever in our memory and our hearts.

Mandy, Eriks Mom


Whenever my sister Lisa and i spoke on the phone, if Erik was around, he would make fun of us! He would copy what we said and imitate our laughs. He did this all the time and knew that Lisa lived too far away to come and kick his butt. LOL So Lisa had her own way of getting him back and the graphic above is part of her revenge. He knows what it's for and what it means. So revenge stinks Erik, because this graphic will be on your website every single day, and that means Auntie Lisa get's back at you daily. LOL

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