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This section of Erik's site is dedicated to the poetry written by Erik's mom for her son, and through her journey of grief.

Mandy-Eriks Mom November 5, 2010
"The Tempo of Life"

~~The Tempo of Life~~

Time is my enemy,
time does not see,
with each tick of it's hand,
what it's doing to me.

It toys with my mind,
and plays with my heart,
widening the gap,
since we've been apart.

Time keeps on pushing,
you further away,
what if it takes all
my memories someday?

As we get older,
our minds tend to fade,
I fear I'll lose pieces,
of the memories we made.

Somedays your so vivid,
I feel you next to me,
and others your so far,
my mind won't let me see.

So I ask god that someday,
If my minds not as sharp,
that he allows my memories,
to be pulled straight from my heart.

Written by Erik's mom Mandy
July 2007

Mandy-Eriks Mom November 5, 2010


It was on that 16th Day, a morning in 2005. When I heard the dreadful news, my son was no longer alive.

No one had to tell me, as his mom, I already knew. As we drove to the hospital, my hearts what gave the clue.

I never got to say goodbye, or hold him when he died. I wasn't there to hold his hand, or soothe him if he cried.

My life as I once knew it, died that dreadful day. The day my only child, my son, was ripped away.

We touched his lifeless body, and we told him our goodbyes. While the band played in the background, muffling all our cries.

The days go rolling by, as if your in a dream. You want the world to stop, you want to cry and scream.

No matter what they think, no matter what they say. They will never know the pain, or how you feel each day.

My face may bear a smile, my life may seem okay, But my heart has been broken, my joy torn away.

Don't ask me to get over this, or act a certain way. Unless you've lost a child, don't tell me what's ok.

My faith will get me through this, his memory pulls me on, But not a day will pass, without the agony that he's gone.

I know he's up in heaven, happy safe and free. It's that comfort I hold onto, that hope, that guides me.

I love you Erik Scott, I miss you more each day. So proud I was the one, picked to be your mom the 9th of May.

Until the day that I too pass, and we are again together. Stay near, be good, and know, I'll be your mom forever.

Written for Erik, by his mom, on August 18th, 2006

Mandy-Eriks Mom November 5, 2010
"Mother Of An Angel"

~~Mother Of An Angel~~

Walking this earth with a secret to share. The mother of an angel, the world unaware.

They ask out of innocence, “Do you have any kids?” How do you answer? “I do” or “I did.”

You learn very fast people have no clue. Just by the way they interact with you.

It’s a “club” you belong to, the members to high. You wish for no family to have a child die.

Life still goes on, as it should and it must. You learn to cope each day, and in god have trust.

It’s still always there, every tick of the clock. The loss of your child, your heart feels the shock.

My child may not grow to be old and gray. See his child be born, or see his child at play.

Only god knows why things ended up this way. We trust and believe to be with him someday.

Angel moms have memories and belongings tucked away. We take them out to remind us back to a special day.

Their clothes have their scent, and with each passing day, we fear that scent will slowly fade away.

You’ll never be the same, but over time you can tell. You laugh more and start to break out of grief’s shell.

You cringe at the news when you hear of another. You feel for that family and that new angel mother.

I could tell my story over the next 50 years. Share my pain and my sorrow through heartache and tears.

To convey that the loss of a child’s like no other. No, not even a sibling, father or mother.

Our children may not be here, as hard as that is to know. Our children were so special they went where angels go.

Please do not feel sorry or think our lives are done. Just respect and try to understand what it must be like to lose my son.

To all the angel moms & dads, be strong and you’ll get through. For even on your toughest days, your angel is with you.

Written by Mandy, Erik’s mom.
April 2007

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