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"In the Media"

This section of Erik's site is dedicated to items in the newspaper and things of that sort that are related to Erik, the accident, etc.

Mandy-Eriks Mom November 7, 2010
Drivers Ed Program

Erik's story has been choosen by Wright County for Drivers Ed, and will be used for years to educate new teen drivers on what can happen when your careless on the roadway. It will be mandatory that the teens attend the class with their parents. The hope is this program will save lives!!

Mandy-Eriks Mom November 5, 2010
Erik & Grandpa Joe

This is the car that Erik's Grandpa Anderson was killed in. He was it by a drunk driver. Minnesotans for Safe Driving has put Erik's story on one side of the car, and Grandpa Joe's on the other side. This car has already been all over Minnesota Schools to show what can happen when you drink and drive or drive reckless!! This will really make an impact since this car features the stories of what just one family is going through.




Mandy-Eriks Mom November 5, 2010
Minnesotans For Safe Driving.

~This is a poster designed by Minnesotans For Safe Driving~




Mandy-Eriks Mom November 5, 2010
Letter to the Editor.

Here is my latest letter to the editor in response to the mock car crash event held at DHS last week. They ran an article in the paper about the simulated event. The article was titled, PROM NIGHT GONE BAD, and it was focusing on the outcome of drinking and driving.


Not just prom night and not just drinking and driving…

As a mother who lost my 16 year old son due to a reckless driving accident, I was pleased to hear that the DHS students would be participating in the simulated car crash last Thursday. Not only did we lose our son to a car accident, but also lost his grandfather this past January. He was hit by a drunk driver, and was killed instantly. No one has to explain to us, the seriousness of these topics, and if educating these kids saves one life, it was obviously well worth it. I feel however that parents need to be just as educated, as to whom their children are riding with, and their driving history. This time of year, kids are excited about Prom, graduation, the end of another school year and summer. There are many parties, and much excitement in the air, this alone can cause kids to drive in a way that can result in a deadly outcome. Passing one another, having a good time, kids need to realize that even innocent play can turn a vehicle into a deadly weapon. My son was an innocent passenger in “road play” that has changed our lives forever. I urge parents to stress often, to their teens, the importance of safe driving, and the responsibility that comes with having their license. Teach them that being a responsible driver is far more “cool” than being responsible for killing someone else. In a million years I could never explain to anyone the pain I feel from losing my son. I now spend my days trying to adjust to this new life, a life I never asked for, a life where my son, my only child, no longer lives. Erik Anderson, 1988-2005

Mandy Henderson

Mandy-Eriks Mom November 5, 2010
Letter to the Editor.

This is a letter i wrote to the editor of the Delano Eagle, it will appear in this weekends paper, Sept 2, 2006. 

Teen drivers. When is enough enough?

If you live in Delano and are on the roads driving a vehicle, then you are well aware of a major problem that is only getting worse. What is it going to take for the public to take action and do something about the irresponsible, reckless way our teens are driving on the roads? It is no longer a case of “kids will be kids.” It’s an extremely dangerous problem and something needs to be done about it. The majority of the kids on the roads today are not ready to drive, and its apparent just around Delano. Kids rolling through stop signs, nearly rear ending other drivers, speeding, passing at insane speeds, not paying attention, hanging out windows screaming and yelling at other drivers. If you think there is no way it’s your child, think again, it’s someone’s child, and there are too many of them doing it to always be the neighbors kid! Parents have to take action, take the time to ride around with your kids. If you see kids being careless, don’t be afraid to tell their parents! We are told to talk to our kids about drugs, smoking, sex, but you don’t see commercials on TV about speaking to your kids about the consequences of reckless driving. Watch the news, teens are getting killed left and right, on Minnesota roads. If this was a deadly virus killing our children, we would take action and try to stop it. I see no difference. I have had parents tell me that it’s an inconvience to cart their kids around, it’s a relief when they can drive, because they can get themselves to work etc. An inconvience is visiting your sons grave, or instead of senior pictures you get a memorial page in the yearbook, or instead of helping him pick out his first car, you get to pick out his casket. We can no longer just sit back. It’s time to stop trying to be friends with our kids, and start being parents again. I have heard so many kids tell me that their parents can’t do anything, because they bought their vehicles on their own. Are they living under your roof? If so, then yes, you can do something, by taking back control. My son wasn’t ready to drive, so I didn’t let him. Don’t make the mistake I did and believe the kids they are riding around with are ready. Laws need to be changed, I’m hoping many of you are with me, and will help support it. According to the Minnesota Department for public safety, in Minnesota from 1999-2003, 422 persons were killed and nearly 45,000 were injured in crashes involving drivers ages 16-18 years old. My son Erik Anderson would have become something great, but instead he became a statistic. Don’t let your child be next.

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