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"Eriks Legacy"
Mandy-Eriks Mom November 7, 2010
Erik Scott Anderson-His Legacy

The definition of legacy is this:

1 : a gift by will especially of money or other personal property
2 : something transmitted by or received from an ancestor or predecessor or from the past <the legacy of the ancient philosophers> 

This is what i feel Erik gave all of us...

*The hope that this world can still change through kindness.

*That kids can be taught respect and can learn to be good people. I have been told many times Erik was rare as far ask kids go these days, it doesn't have to be that way. If you are going to have children, commit to raising them, don't leave it up to society. Erik was proof  that being good, and respecting adults didn't mean you were the odd ball. He was proud of it.

*That something as smiple as your smile can make a huge impression.

*That true friendship should be cherished.

*That honesty is the best policy.

*To always look on the brightside of things and accept what life gives you.

*To accept people for who they are. 

*To not sweat the small stuff, but if it's important to you, fight for it, even if others don't understand.

*Unconditional love.

*That even in death, if you have lived a good honest life, you will still teach many things to many people, long after you are gone..


Now for some other things Erik has taught us...Laughing

If you make your bed, and just lay on top of it at night and cover up with a blanket, you don't ever have to make it, and mom will never figure it out. Uh huh..

*Setting your alarm an hour before you need to get up and hitting snooze for an hour, really annoys everyone in the house! But by all means, keep doing it everyday!

*That walking the dog is the worst thing that any parent can make their child do, and if you go outside and just stand there, and then come back in the house a little later, it won't fool anyone, and the dog is still getting fatter!

*That a bad grade is a bad grade and it's not because the teacher never corrects anything or lost YOUR assignment ...every single year. Tongue Out

*A paper route is pretty close to what hell must be like.

*Pizza is not pizza unless it has so much pepperoni on it, you could pour the grease off and so much parmesan cheese on it, the smell is often refered to in the house as "barf pizza." 

*It's fun to work at the Dairy Queen, ecspecially when you take time off constantly to be with your friends, but then tell your mom you are never scheduled to work! Then when you are told to get a different job, as if a miracle occured, you work everyday the next week!

*A cellphone is the greatest thing ever invented...until you get the bill. Not so great anymore.

*When you live in an old house with lower ceilings, NEVER jump up really fast and hard when finally beating a video game, because you will leave a permanet indent of your head. OUCH!

*Never skip school to sleep in until after vo-tech, and think you will never get caught.  Because when you do, mom won't excuse it, and you find out how fun detention is and how sleep isn't such a big deal after all.

Thanks for the memories Erik...there are tons more!


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